We want that all kinds of people feel respected, safe and welcomed. This is why all persons in charge, volunteers as well as performers are committed to following the principles of safe space. Equally we wish that everyone who participates in our events will also behave in a way which takes other people into consideration.


Principles of safer space

Respect the other person’s personal physical and mental space. Respect a person’s right to self-determination. Do not touch anyone without their permission. Remember that you cannot know anyone else’s boundaries without asking them. If needed, ask others to give you space.

Do not mock, ridicule, debase, exclude or embarass anyone with your words, actions or behavior. Refrain from criticizing anyone’s appearance, gossiping or maintaining stereotypes.

Do not make assumptions based on appearance or actions. Do not make assumptions of anyone’s sexuality, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, values, socio-economic background or health.

Give space. Try to make sure that everyone has a chance to participate in discussions. Do not steamroll anyone’s opinions and give everyone a chance to speak. Respect other people’s privacy and handle delicate subjects respectfully.

If you witness harassment or other inappropriate behavior, intervene in the situation. Do not be a by-stander.

Listen and learn. Be open towards new subjects, persons, and points of view without prejudice. Regard every new topic and situation as a chance to learn something new and develop.

Apologize if you have advertently or inadvertently hurt someone.


If you come across harassment

If you come across harassment or inappropriate behavior in our events, tell a security guard or any of Popkatu’s volunteers. We will intervene!

After the event you can contact us at popkatu@popkatu.fi and we will try to resolve the issue.