Street performance competition

Alanko katutähdeksi? is a street performance competition held on 11-12 July 2024 during the Popkatu Festival. The competition is open for everyone and all kinds of acts, be it dance, theatre, music, circus, or any other art form!

How to participate

The maximum duration of each performance is 20 minutes. There is electricity on site, but the contestants are responsible for bringing all other equipment they need.  We are seeking acts which are specifically adapted to be performed in the street, which is why you might want to consider performing unplugged.


The winners of the competition will be awarded cash prizes and smaller acknowledgements. The main prize is 800 euros. One act will also be chosen to perform at Popkatu Festival club on Friday 12 July at Näyttämö theatre.

The winners will be chosen by a jury and the audience. The awards will be presented on Friday 12 July on the market square stage.

Register now!

The registration is open! The competition places will be filled in order of registration.
Register by sending the following information to

  • Performance name, description and art form (e.g. busking, performance art…)
  • Name of contact person, address, phone number and e-mail address
  • Estimated duration of the performance (max. 20 mins) and estimated preparation time
  • Do you need electricity?

We will be in touch as soon as all places have been filled. Welcome!


Inka Kuisma


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